Keep Your Mind Sharp

Just like you need physical exercise to keep your body working well, you need mental exercise to keep your mind working well, too!

Sure, we’ll have days when we don’t feel right. Working more than usual hours or not getting enough sleep the night before could be the reason why you didn’t have enough time to rest even though you’ll usually be back to your bright and alert self in a day or two.

Then, there may be weeks when you feel like you’re stuck in a rut for months. There are a lot of times when you forget things, you’re slow to respond in conversation, or your comprehensive skills fall behind. Visit your doctor if it’s terrible. There are times when you need a mental tune-up.

“Use it or lose it.” That is very true when it comes to physical exercise. In no time, you’ll lose your shape if you don’t work out on the treadmill or with weights. If you want to keep your mind alert and alive, there are also things you can do.