4 ways to keep your mind sharp

1. Play games.
The answer is yes; mental exercise can be a lot of fun! Checkers and other games like chess and tic-tac-toe let you show your strategy skills in fun ways. Ping pong, tennis, and racquetball are good games to play to see how quickly you can move your body. Hangman, Scrabble, word searches, and crossword puzzles are great for improving your word recognition skills, and they help you learn new words. Don’t just play the same games again and again. Play a lot of different games regularly to work on other skills.

2. Bring back your senses.
In the street or at work, it’s easy to “zone out” and think about all the things you have to do. Instead, use this time to put your senses to good use and learn new things. Look at what you see, smell, and hear. In your home or workplace, think about all the senses you have, write them down, and describe them. Every day, do this. The more you do this, the more enjoyable your descriptions will be. You’ll naturally learn to pay more attention when you look, smell, and listen.

3. Pay attention to what you eat.
To keep your overall health, you need to eat a healthy, low-cholesterol, low-fat diet every day. Even so, there are foods that can help you keep your mental processes in good shape as well, too. It’s good for your brain to eat fish, flaxseed, and walnuts because they have a lot of omega-3 fatty acids. Tea, sage, and rosemary are there to help you remember things better. A lot of blueberries, strawberries, and spinach have a lot of antioxidants, which can help keep your mind from getting old and weak.

In this fourth step, work out.
Exercise keeps your body and your mind moving. People who work out feel more alert, awake, and clear-headed after they do.

These tips above will help you boost your brainpower and make you feel better, too. They will also help you think better. You’ll improve your memory and be more alert. So, make sure your brain gets a lot of good exercises.

Feed it good food. People should try new things and have fun, too!