Increase Overall Daily Movement

People frequently believe that the more we exercise, the greater the outcome we will get. Rest, on the other hand, is crucial for attaining goals. Studies suggest that working out less and moving more may be better for long-term weight loss goals.


Working out more frequently might occasionally lead to overtraining, which can harm both your progress and your health. You might notice that your metabolism and hormones are badly impacted, that you cease burning as many calories, and that you sustain more injuries. You can even come to dislike working out.


Instead of adding extra exercise to our fitness regimens, we can choose to include more movement throughout the day, which can help us achieve better results. Here are several reasons backed by research on why you might prefer to move around more than exercise.


How to Increase Overall Daily Movement

Taking brief strolls throughout the day. She suggests using the stairs, parking further away at the grocery store, and choosing to walk rather than drive.


If you work from home, set a timer to remind yourself to get up and walk around more frequently. A little bit goes a long way, and whatever you can add a little more movement throughout your day adds up. It’s preferable to move more throughout the day rather than concentrating the majority of your movement on a 45-minute workout.


When we work out hard, we frequently work hard for that brief period and then move very little for the remainder of the day. Exercise does not benefit from our sedentary lifestyles outside of our exercises.


Our total well-being is impacted by physical activity. There is such a thing as too much, though. We should continue to move around frequently each day because it might truly be better for us.


Injuries, hormonal and metabolic imbalances, and a loss of enjoyment from exercise can all be brought on by excessive activity. Not to mention, you might not be burning as many calories as you believe you are to lose weight healthily.


By taking the stairs, taking care of a garden, parking further away from your destination, and being more deliberate about getting up and moving around after extended periods of sitting, you can try to include more movement into your day. Your body will appreciate it.