What is Metabolism?

Your metabolism and its rate are both influenced by a variety of variables. Some people think they have a quick or slow metabolism, and they frequently link their weight to their metabolic rate.

Although metabolism does affect body weight, it is not a fixed factor and is simply one part of how you burn calories or maintain a healthy level of energy. Find out more about the definition of metabolism, how it can fluctuate, and how to keep a healthy metabolic rate.


What is Metabolism?

The molecular mechanisms that the body employs to transform food (calories) into energy to support physical activity, whether it is exercise or not, are referred to as the metabolism. These procedures consist of:


Metabalic Processes

  • Breathing
  • Digesting food
  • Delivery of nutrients to your cells through the blood
  • Use of energy by your muscles, nerves, and cells
  • Elimination of waste products from your body. 

From day to day, your metabolism will change a little. Long-term weight loss and maintenance may be simpler to attain if you can routinely control and maintain a healthy metabolism. It is wise to discuss your weight loss objectives and concerns with your healthcare professional.