Dogs And Pets Provide Health Benefits

Do dogs have any health advantages? They do, believe it or not! Did you know that having a dog, and owning pets in general, can benefit someone in a variety of ways? Having a pet can increase your chances of survival, improve your cardiovascular health, decrease the number of times you visit the doctor, and improve your mental and emotional well-being. According to recent research, dogs might be able to smell cancer on a person’s breath! Let’s look at these incredible health advantages of pet ownership:

Dog owners are shown to have lower cholesterol and blood pressure than non-dog owners. In turn, these elements lessen the likelihood of cardiovascular diseases. It has long been understood that even simple pet-stroking can lower blood pressure.

People who own pets are happier and more mentally healthy than non-pet owners. Pets provide unconditional love and affection, and just having one around can lessen loneliness. A pet can provide companionship and even a sense of security for people who are isolated, unable to leave their homes, or otherwise challenged. In hospices and nursing homes, as well as companions for the disabled and the blind, dogs are used as a form of therapy. Studies show that having a dog as a pet helps people with serious illnesses cope with the stress of their conditions.

As you can see, having a dog or owning a pet has many advantages for a person. Owning a pet promotes exercise, social interaction, stress reduction, self-confidence and self-esteem enhancement. Having a pet is a great investment because it not only enhances your life with joy and pleasure but also has many positive effects on your health.