Learning How Motivation Works Benefits You

Learning gives you a reason to work and helps you take responsibility for your actions and attitude. In reality, a person is motivated by what they believe which helps them reach their goal. Real motivation comes from having a goal, a desire, a sense of direction, and a strong commitment.

People get motivated when they know what they need and what they want. It could be things like gifts, rewards, growth, appreciation, recognition, and a lot more. It depends on the person. How do you get yourself to do things? If you know how motivation works for you, your internal motivation will push you to reach your goals and lead you to success.

People motivate themselves by instilling in themselves the beliefs responsible for their actions and behaviors and by creating a vision that helps them face challenges and take on their responsibilities in life. When people aren’t motivated, their lives come to a halt. Failure or the fear of failure makes people lose motivation and change the way they live. On the other hand, someone who is motivated has a spark in his eyes and is always looking for new challenges and ways to be better.

One could say that a person’s real motivation comes from how their needs are consistently met. I won’t explain Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs in detail, but I will say what some of the conclusions are. Abraham Maslow said that the need to live was the most basic. Until that need is consistently met, all the other needs pretty much stop being important. Once that need is met, the person is ready to take care of any other needs they might have. These things are easy to figure out based on how they live their lives. A person’s paradigm is just the LENS through which they tend to look at life. A set of beliefs that affects how they see and understand the world around them. No one can change until they change their paradigm. But the reason why someone wants to change a paradigm brings us to the next section.


If you are disciplined, goal-oriented, organized, and quick, it means you know how to get yourself to do things. It means that you feel like you’ve done something good, which is how motivation works. For you to turn out the way you are now.

Motivation is temporary and doesn’t last long so it needs to be kept up all the time. When we have negative thoughts and worry, we can lose motivation and start to doubt our future. But by accepting the challenges, one can get motivated because he will have the will and determination to be successful. Accepting our failures and learning from them helps us move on to the next stage of success.


A self-motivated person knows how to get back on track after a setback and is ready for the next challenge. A person who is motivated is aware of his thoughts and feelings and knows how to handle them healthily. It keeps them focused on their next goal instead of letting them become complacent.