Motivation’s Effect On Mental And Physical Health

Motivation and mental health have been studied in different ways. Because helping people with low self-esteem, depression, and anxiety can make a huge difference; this is a research area that needs a lot of attention.

Psychology Online talks about a study that looked at how INTERNAL and EXTERNAL MOTIVATION is different. The report says, “Our society is largely motivated by external rewards like money, fame, and power. However, research has shown that people who are motivated by their own desires for creativity, fulfilment, and inner satisfaction are mentally healthier and happier.”

What does this do for you?

Health psychology tries to figure out how being able to deal with stress can help us stay healthy and avoid getting sick. Some of these ways to deal with stress are natural, but those who don’t have them can learn them. Researchers are trying to use motivation as a way to help people deal with stress in a healthy way.

Every day, we all need to be motivated. It’s what allows us to get food when we’re hungry, go to work so we can pay the bills, or go to school so we can reach a higher goal in life.

How we deal with the stresses of life can affect our health as a whole. How do people put you in a box?

The same Psychology Online report said that people who react to life with anger, guilt, nervousness, frustration, or fear are more likely to feel those emotions in their bodies. These feelings can lead to high blood pressure and hypertension, which can cause a heart attack or stroke. There are also problems like ulcers, arthritis, asthma, and kidney disease that can happen.

Some therapists say that we can lessen the physical and mental effects of bad or stressful things that happen in our lives by talking to ourselves in a positive way and trying to change the way we look at things.

People who tend to think of themselves as the ones in charge of their lives or who are “self-motivated” are more likely to feel like they can handle stress when it comes their way. Instead of blaming something or someone else, they have the drive to deal with a problem and look for a reasonable solution. This good behaviour helps them reach their goals and be happy with themselves.

Therapists try to teach their patients how to deal with stress in the same way and use their motivation as a source of power. Learning how to deal with stress and using a motivation to set goals, work through a problem, or fix it can lead to better mental and physical health.