Easy Tips for Setting Goals

Setting goals is simple, but it can take some time to figure out what goals you should set for yourself. Make a list of all the things you want to do in your life.

What you write doesn’t matter. The more things you can think of, the better. This is how you should write the list: don’t think about whether you can or can’t do something. Instead, write as though you were writing a “wish list,” where everything you want is there.

You move one step closer to achieving your goals by doing this. We often forget our goals because we think we can’t do them. Many things we thought were impossible were possible if we took the time to go for them.

Make a list of things you want, and then pick five things you want to work on right away. If you want to make your life more balanced, pick one goal for each part of your life. These goals can be anything you want. You can start by setting a goal for money, romance, personal, spiritual or health. But do what you think is best. If you want to set three financial goals and two health goals, that’s fine. As long as you don’t focus your goal on one thing, your life will be in balance.

5 is a good number for the start because it lets you focus your mind on just one or two goals and spend more of your energy on them. Choosing too many goals at first could make you give up before you even start.

Once you get the hang of setting goals, you can start to add more goals later on.

It’s now time to write the five goals you have chosen in a goal form. This is a simple way to write your goals down in the present, positive tense.

Important: This tells your mind that this is what you should have, not what you want or will have. So, don’t write I’ll or I’ve.

Then write down your goals in goal format and look at them every day. Rewrite your goals in the morning and at night to make them a part of your mind. The more you think about your goals, the more you want to reach them.