Keep on Dreaming

Martin Luther King went on to change a nation. Henry Ford dreamt that a motorcar could be affordable for everyone and now it is! Thomas Edison dreamed of a light globe that could be operated by electricity, before he succeeded he failed more than ten thousand times, but it’s now all around us. The Wright brothers dreamt of a flying machine, as you can see the evidence is all around us.

If you’re able to imagine then you’re able to realize it and make it come to life. With self-belief and perseverance YOU CAN achieve what you dream about.

Don’t let yourself be misled by another’s perception of your dreams, they’re your dreams and you own them. You make them what you want!!! You won’t succeed right away but rest assured that you will. “Hard ass work always pays off”.

What is your dream? Write it down, embrace it. Your brain is an amazing tool and you must use it to its fullest potential. I always tell myself, “Your brain believes what you feed it.” Myself as a pro athlete, I play a video in my head of continuously winning. Whatever it is that motivates and works for you, think about it constantly.

Let your brain feed itself on those thoughts and images, it knows no better. It trusts in your judgment and when you feed your brain something for long enough, it will ultimately believe it. But more importantly, YOU will start to believe it and LIVE it. And when that happens, whatever you think and believe in transcends into something real.

Keep hustling all day every day; it will get easier as you persevere with it.