‘If you keep on hustling, all day every day, you will see your dreams come true.’

Following a childhood from hell, Soa ‘The Hulk’ Palelei was left homeless and headed straight for trouble. Until mixed martial arts put him on the right path in life. After making his professional fighting debut in 2002, Palelei went on to dominate on the Australian circuit. Five years later, he was signed on to compete in the revered Ultimate Fighting Championship.

But the dream didn’t last. He lost disastrously in 2007 and was dropped. All his supporters disappeared when he needed them most. He came back to Australia, faded into obscurity and blew out to 160 kilos.

It took him four years of hard work to get back to the top. Multiple championships followed as well as a three-year winning streak that saw him back competing – and claiming victory – on the world stage.

Palelei’s raw and powerful story is, at its heart, one about turning obstacles into opportunities and following your dreams – destroying the odds in the hope for a better life.