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Newest Brand Ambassador

Proud to announce I'll be the brand ambassador for PSPlus who provide energy efficiency initiatives and programs check them out on www.psplus.com.au


It seems ridiculous to think we can lose ourselves, doesn’t it? But the truth is we all do. We lose who we think we are and have to start all over again. No one tells us this is going to happen. And we have no idea what to do when it does. I didn’t know [...]

Make A Wish Lottery

Win the Make-A-Wish Lottery and start 2017 with a cool $1 MILLION spending spree. You could win the $250,000 all cash second prize. $250,000 in various car vouchers and over 20,000 prizes will be won - all car vouchers are redeemable for hard cash. It's literally the best odds of winning anywhere. Entry only $50. [...]

Whats your choice?

Every morning we wake up we have a choice on which voice to listen too. Let’s say you buy into your fears; let’s say you buy into everything you’re worried about. Now fast forward 10 years, 20 years, 50 years from now. And just say you’re on your deathbed; are you okay with buying into [...]

Whats Your Destination?

The time it takes you to get to your destination doesn't really matter, what matters is that you are on your way and you are taking the steps that allow you to move forward and grow. Think about a lot of successful actors, business owners entrepreneurs they start of with an idea or a small [...]

Don’t Reveal Your Next Move…

I saw this post and it resonated with me a lot! So the post went something like this: 'You're going to buy a house? Close your mouth. Going to buy a car? Close your mouth. You're getting married? Close your mouth. Going on a trip? Close your mouth. Going to do courses or college? Close [...]

Proud ambassador of Striiv Australia….

Proud to announce I'm the Brand Ambassador for Striiv Australia, Australia's first wearable tech with its own weight management and fitness program www.striiv.com.au

Whats your existence….

Our purpose for existence is wrapped up in the dreams we have, so we have a responsibility to cultivate them. Let's face it, without them life would be boring. Following your dreams keeps you in touch with a childlike faith that believes the unbelievable, & sees the possible in the seemingly impossible. Following your dreams [...]

Hulks 12 Week Challenge…

Are you frustrated and bored with your workouts? Do you fear it’s “too late” and nothing will work for you and you need to learn to accept a poochy belly, flabby arms, lackluster legs and a saggy rear end? Well let me introduce you to: The Hulks 12 Week Program in which you can also [...]

What would you attempt

  You can't have a million dollar dream with a minimum wage work ethic. If you love something, hustle at it 100%. You can't do something half hearted and expect to be perfect at it. Remember that the first step to success is your mindset. If your mind isn't ready for the hustle, the struggles, [...]