Our purpose for existence is wrapped up in the dreams we have, so we have a responsibility to cultivate them. Let’s face it, without them life would be boring. Following your dreams keeps you in touch with a childlike faith that believes the unbelievable, & sees the possible in the seemingly impossible. Following your dreams moves you from being a spectator to an initiator. Following your dreams helps you to identify & overcome the limiting beliefs that hinder you from reaching your destiny. It helps you to grow in stature & character as you move beyond the known. It energises you, giving you a reason to get out of bed every morning. By follo
wing your dreams, you’re contributing something of value to others. You yourself become an inspiration to those watching & listening to your message. Having a commitment to pursuing our dreams is healthy, not only for us, but for those around us. For when we have them we’re more alive, vibrant, and hopeful of a better future. When we look ahead in hope it inspires others and gives them permission to dream too. Keep on grinding and hustling for your dreams All Day Every Day and you too can achieve greatness.

Soa “The Hulk”