Lucky people get opportunities, Brave people create opportunities & Winners are those that convert problems into Opportunity. Opportunities are a gift to you they’re a result of chance @ often times a series of unique events. Not everyone will be presented with the same opportunities as you. Many people do not grab opportunities because a common problem which is, that many of us are very lazy & resilient to new changes. We don’t give in to new opportunities because they present a hurdle to us. We fear the additional work & commitments we’ll have to invest. Here’s the thing, success requires hard work, & of course you’ll be demanded more of yourself as you work your way up. If you’re not willing to make certain sacrifices in life, be willin
g to face the consequences. Don’t throw opportunities away for a temporary comfort. Don’t forget that the most important aspect of all this is the fact that you are in control of your life. Give everything a legitimate chance, because you will always have the option of putting an end to whatever it may be. Each of us has a special talent; some of us have already discovered it while some of us haven’t, yet. Some day, a grand opportunity will present itself provided that you’ve put in the effort on your end. So as I always say stay on your hustle All Day Every Day.

Soa “The Hulk”