I often get asked what drives me? And my answer is I continuously want to keep challenging myself, I’m motivated by my personal growth and I want to see what I can continue to accomplish. pursue what I want in life and follow my life purpose. I’m not here to please anyone but myself by doing so I’m a better person to be around because I’m positive instead of doing what someone else wants me to do and being miserable.

Your life is just that yours and you need to be true to yourself this will take a lot of courage but you’ll thank yourself for it. Stepping out of your comfort zone & growing personally is a must, If we really want success and growth we have to get way out of our comfort zone and go beyond what we thought was possible. We need to accept our own life no matter what our situation is. Looking to others for their approval, for their recognition will keep us as slaves to other people’s opinions.

Growth and change happens when we peel away all these false layers that are holding us back and stopping us from being true to ourselves and our own personal growth and challenge. Look within yourself and start living for you All Day Every Day.

Soa “The Hulk”